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PASTOR – ‘Evoke’ LP out now !!!

“It was done within five days. The recording dates were set pretty quickly after we decided to hit the studio so we had no time to work on the songs or think a lot about details, but we wanted it just that way. Chris from Who Can You Trust? Records was down with us again and we just had to do it. “Evoke” is basically a collection of our heaviest riffs we jammed in our rehearsal room and it’s raw. It was recorded without a click track because let’s be honest, life won’t play to a steady beat either. We also didn’t do any of the usual post production fancy stuff because that’s just not us. Some of them songs were written in a hellish atmosphere, during the summer and some of them during the frosty days of a vienna winter. I think you can hear that difference on the album pretty well. We entered the mighty halls of Elephant West Studios, with lady Sabina Sloth on the throne, chugged down some beers and just played all together in one room. We are more than excited about the result and the artwork, which was crafted by none other than Adam Burke. So sit back and turn your speakers all the way up until your whole neighborhood joins you for a drink. Enjoy the sounds of Evoke.”



Check out this Z-Flex Skateboards edit featuring “Mother Road” from the BANQUET debut 7″ on Who Can You Trust? Records!


BANQUET – ‘Run To You / Mother Road’ 7″ out now !!!

“The once fruitful rock ‘n’ roll city of San Francisco is now a barren womb, fraught with the lasting effects of technological herpes. Thankfully a polyp known as BANQUET has formed and is screeching for freedom from the womb’s clutches. With dual ripping lead guitars, howling vocals and a rhythm section that can make a pregnant woman’s water break.”

Including members of Buffalo Tooth and Poor Sons.




VA “SWEET TIMES – Volume 3” out now !!!

“The party plane takes off again! This time (in it’s 3rd edition) ‘SWEET TIMES’ flies high through Europe and America. Fasten your seatbelts, ’cause Who Can You Trust? Records welcomes you aboard to this trip filled with punk, rock ‘n’ roll and a good amount of psychedelics! This 7” catapults you far higher than your average flight with co-pilots such as DEATH ALLEY, WILD HONEY, SONIC LOVE AFFAIR and PASTOR. Again, please fasten your seatbelts since the entire flight will be one hell of a ride!”

Edition of 500 copies on black vinyl.

*Artwork by Roy G. Biv



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PLANES OF SATORI – s/t LP out now !!!

“It’s not rare to find modern day bands inspired by that golden era of late 1960s and early 1970s Krautrock luminaries. Cosmopolitan cities like San Francisco and Brooklyn are rife with musicians tangled in the patch cords of yesteryear’s analog synth wizardry. There was even a time in the early 2000s when it was common to stumble upon a group of young, hip, ding-dongs decked out in red shirts and black ties, a-la Kraftwerk’s 1978 opus The Man-Machine.

Oakland, California quartet Planes Of Satori is not one of those bands. Sure, they’re largely informed by the rhythmic repetitions and mechanical mantras of what was happening in Germany during the late 1960s. But listen to their impressive debut album for Who Can You Trust? Records and you’ll understand why the band refers to their sound as “psychedelic Afro-Kraut”. They’re also equally steeped in the soulful grooves of Ethiopian jazz as well as the Zambian psych-punk of bands like Orchestre Poly-Rythmo de Cotonou Dahomey and Witch (We Intend To Cause Havoc).

Not since Can’s Damo Suzuki has a frontman sounded as dangerously unpredictable as Alejandro Magaña. Raze Regal is one of those guitar players whose skills are so otherworldly; he’s always getting sweated by local musicians to join more bands. At its foundation, Planes Of Satori boast a well-oiled rhythm section so equally tight and loose, they could very well lure Ginger Baker out of his misanthropic kingdom.” – Eric Shea, Hot Lunch

Including members of Golden Void and Parchman Farm, Voices and Cousins.




ST Vol2 - front2000


The return of the infamous “SWEET TIMES” 7-Inch compilation series on Who Can You Trust? Records !!!

While you were already resigned to walk home after the party was over you NOW got the MAGICAL chance to just head to the next one and continue your trip on SWEET TIMES LANE.

“SWEET TIMES – Volume 2″ features brand-new and exclusive tracks by THE GOLDEN GRASS, SULTAN BATHERY, METALLEG and GORILLA!

Edition of 500 copies on black vinyl.
(First 100 copies with free 3D glasses)

*Artwork by Jackie Sudden & Federico Zotta


sweet times vol 2 7inch

HotLunch_Pastor_-_POSTER WEB

You’ll find an interview with Who Can You Trust? Records in the new June/July issue of the german TRUST Fanzine!



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PASTOR – “Wayfaring Stranger / The Oath” 7-Inch Vinyl OUT NOW !!!

Pastor started jamming in late 2012. The group consists of four young men with an intense love to the art of music. Their various influences can be drawn from your dad’s record collection (well, if he was actively listening from 1968 to 1978). The tunes are filled with fine riffs, spaced out solos and hard hitting rhythm sections. Yet Pastor tries to break through the niche and clichés by mixing the sound with a bands unique character.”


pastor 7inch


RAGGED BARRACUDAS – s/t 7-Inch Vinyl OUT NOW !!!

“In late 2013, Germany’s RAGGED BARRACUDAS tripped West to the Netherlands and cloistered themselves in the hallowed halls of Motorwolf Studios. No one’s sure what transpired on the other side of them gates of steel, but seemingly under duress they crafted a statement to the world. They emerged changed men. And now we have a record of their testimony.

The music emitted by the RAGGED BARRACUDAS does indeed come across like a pack of Shreddin’ Sphyraena. Yeah the drums get bashed, the bass slips ‘n’ skronks and the guitar tears holes in the universe. But this band is channeling something very different than what you might be casting for. As you listen to these tracks, imagine wandering through the moonless streets of mid-70s Cleveland at midnight where the only other lifeforms are packs of urban vermin banging out a rock ‘n’ roll symphony on the bent hoods of rusted Plymouths.

You really must hear this for yourselves, but on the three tracks they’ve released here (“Livin’ the Dream“, “Cheap Allure” and “Motor Jam“), RAGGED BARRACUDAS are channeling the raw scraping guitars of Poison 13; the sparse/spaced barroom punk vibe of Bugger Off! –era Stack Waddy & Third World War; the lost-astronaut-floating-through-space-hurling-toward-the-sun-vibe of Mick Bolton-era UFO; and the plaintive, tortured, yet soulful vocalizations of both early Roxy-era Bryan Ferry and Crocus Behemoth. C’mon, get yer heads bitten off!”


raggedbarracudas 7inch


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