HL front 2000

Hot Lunch – “Haul Of Meat” 7″ out now!

“Three years since their 2015 Slappy Sunday EP, Hot Lunch has returned from El Studio with a piping hot new single. Yes, “Haul Of Meat” is another song inspired by skateboarding. But this isn’t a love letter. If you were expecting them to articulate how falling and getting back up is a metaphor for persistence, you’ve made a wrong turn. Go back. Rebate. And no, this is not one of those inspirational anthems about how pain is just “the feeling of fear leaving your body.” Upon close listen to “Haul Of Meat,” it sounds like the band is trying to warn you that your next case of road rash could wind up as Satan’s ground beef. Ergo, the members of Hot Lunch are not ambassadors of skateboarding. They are harbingers of hamburgers. “Haul Of Meat” is a skatanic and cautionary canticle that rolls like an avalanche of high-voltage, overdriven fuzz across rumbling rhythms birthed by broken tectonic plates beneath Earthquake City. When asked to explain the caustic lyrics of this urethane-and-wood musing, the band replied, “You know when sometimes you slam so hard that your scabs become cheeseburgers for Satan and the tail of your deck turns into the devil’s spatula?” When further pressed to clarify, they added, “We have a holographic memory. Satan!””

Edition of 500 copies on black vinyl.

*Cover art by Starcade Designs.





Pushy front 2000

PUSHY – “Hard Wish” LP out now!

“Have you ever watched the 1977 video of Ram Jam playing “Black Betty” in somebody’s front yard and asked yourself, “Why don’t we have bands who party like that anymore?” And after the very first time you witnessed a young bellbottomed James Gang set up their gear in the Mexicali desert and riff through “Laguna Salada” during the opening credits to the 1971 film Zachariah, did you ask yourself, “Are there even any bands this good today?” Or what about that time you laid virgin eyes upon the gatefold to ZZ Top’s Tres Hombres and took in a panoramic photograph that could only be described as a taqueria orgy? Did you ask, “Why can’t a newer style band make me feel this special?”

The answer to all these questions lives and pulses within the four musicians who comprise the Portland, Oregon based hard rock quartet, Pushy. If your ears have yet to be seduced by the God-hammered choogle of Pushy, it’s not too late for you. Their debut album Hard Wish has been captured in the band’s natural element and then released into the wild by the good people of Who Can You Trust? Records – a label that knows how and where to mine the rich ore of timeless rock ‘n’ roll. If the hot buttered distortion of the opening song “Fanny’s” (with its saucy boogie and howling guitar leads) doesn’t put an electric strut in your butt, there’s a pretty good chance that rock ‘n’ roll may be none of your business.

John Fogerty once sang that the people on the river are happy to give. But if you listen closely to the hard and heavy stomp of “Nasty Bag,” it sounds like the people on the river are waiting to kill you. Pushy have the power of rock surging through their veins and sometimes this power channels stories and spirits to help move you into parallel dimensions. Take “El Hongo” for instance – between Ron Wesley coaxing a gold top Les Paul to scream and wail through a tweed Victoria Bassman, and Adam Burke crooning for us to take it easy and close our eyes, there could never exist a reason why we would ever want to not keep on chooglin’. And when Travis Clow and Neal Munson kick off the album’s bookend jam “Lay of the Land” with their callused hands working a well-oiled rhythm section, you can almost smell the grease burning on the gears as the bass and drums pump out a loose and juicy groove that’s just begging for the guitars to rain riffs like there’s a storm in hell and we’re all invited to hang out and drink their beer.”

-Eric Shea (Hot Lunch/Sweet Chariot)


Edition of 500 copies on black vinyl.

*Cover art by Adam Burke.




ST-VOL6 front 1500

VA “SWEET TIMES – Volume 6” out now !!!

“It is with great pleasure and awe that i’m presenting you the sixth (!) …and (without any doubt) the heaviest and (most-likely) meanest volume of “SWEET TIMES” yet, that is available from Who Can You Trust? Records as of now!

This time the artwork has been handled by the one and only Jesse California, which guarrantees you a package that is as sweet as it can get (not only sound-wise) !!!

„SWEET TIMES – Volume 6 features brand new recordings by Dealer (former Sexless) from Oakland, California… (If you haven’t yet, go and check out their full-length on Wicked World Records!!), Char-Man (feat. Zarian from Lecherous Gaze on vocals!), Hydromedusa (the self-described Rock & Roll parasites from of Adelaide, South Australia!) and (if that wasn’t enough already…) there’s also a shiny new ripper from Zig Zags that’ll find you senseless after the last note, hidden in the deepest corner of the run-out groove !!! OH MY…”

Edition of 500 copies on black vinyl.





SUPERSONIC BLUES – Debut 7″ vinyl out now!

“Emerging from the same musical underground that spawned the classic acid blues rock of Orange Sunshine, a new generation on the rise is bringing us the first offering of SUPERSONIC BLUES, a young band from The Hague, Holland.

Inspired by the late 60s/early 70s blues, funk and soul, there’s no doubt they had to take the shortest and best way into the halls of Motorwolf Studios, The Hague, led by Guy Tavares of Orange Sunshine / Motorwolf Records. What came out is a debut of old school garage blues and fuzzy acid rock in it’s perfect tonal and physical form!

This is the type music you only want to listen to on your record player …nowhere else.”


Edition of 400 copies on black Vinyl.







“Sometimes you have to bring the outside inside.

But it’s not always easy to translate a band’s live performance to tape. Lucky for true disciples of rock ‘n’ roll, there is Who Can You Trust? Records. The good people at this label have somehow tapped into a vein of rich analog ore. These recordings yield music captured with the intimate and immediate presence of going out to experience a memorable live performance.

The new Ragged Barracudas 12” vinyl split LP with Pushy is a prime example of this lightning-in-a-bottle effect. Listening to the ‘Cudas’ sinister cave dweller’s dirge “Burning” feels like you’re a few feet away from the stage they’re playing on. Similarly, when the slow-burning “Tables Turn” begins to heat up like an old vacuum tube, there’s a palpable sensation that a longhaired trio of punks from Cleveland, Ohio have arrived from the late ‘70s to rehearse in your living room. You’ve never heard a wah pedal sound this threatening before.

The city of Portland, Oregon should award Pushy for bringing boogie back. This is the kind of boogie that sticks to your denim flares like hot oil leaking from a ’59 Panhead engine. In a realm where riff-rock has painted itself into a darkened corner of pentatonic predictability, Pushy dare to swing and strut like half their musical DNA is the result from being the illegitimate sons of Billy Gibbons and Peter Green. The other half of their stylistic compound sounds rooted in a lifestyle where slugging iced cans of Schlitz from a faded red cooler while trolling for rainbow trout is the base foundation of a good day. Diming the volume on “Salem Man” through some big wooden speakers is almost as good as going out to see this timeless and talented quartet of hard and heavy boogie-rock lifers.

Drop the needle, turn up the volume and bring the outside inside.”

Edition of 500 copies on black vinyl.

*Cover art by Adam Burke.






VA “SWEET TIMES – Volume 5” out now !!!

SWEET TIMES for the 5th time… what could i say?

If you’ve made it here, you’re either just walking by, or… you ran through all the previous volumes and know what you’re in for! The formula hasn’t changed as Who Can You trust? is still the same old label you used to love (or not)! …you decide!

On the fifth volume you have to expect a new jam by the Ragged Barracudas from Germany, aswell as exclusive recordings by San Francisco’s Banquet, Queen Crescent and Long Beach’s Plant Tribe!”

Edition of 500 copies on black vinyl.

*Cover art by Clint Baechle.





VA “SWEET TIMES – Volume 4” out now !!!

“Not less quiet then its predecessors, the fourth installment of the already infamous SWEET TIMES series is a tiny slab of vinyl filled with everything – from raunchy, down-and-dirty rock to loud, in-the-red psych and acid rock madness!”

(featuring brand new tracks by: PUSHY, COMET CONTROL, OLDER SUN and OVER-GAIN OPTIMAL DEATH)

Edition of 500 copies on black vinyl.

*Front and folder art by Adam Burke / back cover by Christian Dräger.



sweet times vol 4 7inch

Pastor front 1500

PASTOR – ‘Evoke’ LP out now !!!

“It was done within five days. The recording dates were set pretty quickly after we decided to hit the studio so we had no time to work on the songs or think a lot about details, but we wanted it just that way. Chris from Who Can You Trust? Records was down with us again and we just had to do it. “Evoke” is basically a collection of our heaviest riffs we jammed in our rehearsal room and it’s raw. It was recorded without a click track because let’s be honest, life won’t play to a steady beat either. We also didn’t do any of the usual post production fancy stuff because that’s just not us. Some of them songs were written in a hellish atmosphere, during the summer and some of them during the frosty days of a vienna winter. I think you can hear that difference on the album pretty well. We entered the mighty halls of Elephant West Studios, with lady Sabina Sloth on the throne, chugged down some beers and just played all together in one room. We are more than excited about the result and the artwork, which was crafted by none other than Adam Burke. So sit back and turn your speakers all the way up until your whole neighborhood joins you for a drink. Enjoy the sounds of Evoke.”




Check out this Z-Flex Skateboards edit featuring “Mother Road” from the BANQUET debut 7″ on Who Can You Trust? Records!


BANQUET – ‘Run To You / Mother Road’ 7″ out now !!!

“The once fruitful rock ‘n’ roll city of San Francisco is now a barren womb, fraught with the lasting effects of technological herpes. Thankfully a polyp known as BANQUET has formed and is screeching for freedom from the womb’s clutches. With dual ripping lead guitars, howling vocals and a rhythm section that can make a pregnant woman’s water break.”

Including members of Buffalo Tooth and Poor Sons.