PLANES OF SATORI – debut 7″ out now !!!

February 16, 2014

planes 7inch

PLANES OF SATORI – “Son Of A Gun / Dichotomies” 7-Inch Vinyl OUT NOW !!!

“Imagine that you’ve spent solitary years traveling along the horizon, a liminal space where you glimpse only traces of the pure light that escape the chromospheric ring that cloaks our shared sun. Your static consciousness, quiescent, yet contented, is suddenly illuminated by radiant flux riding optical wavelengths.  Overcome by light, your remaining senses take over. Before your eyes acclimate to the awakening, music envelopes your being and transports it across the vast space stretching out in all directions. This source of this sonic embrace emanates from the Planes Of Satori, situated from a fixed point of 37°48′15″ N, 122°16′14″ W, but everywhere at once. Here you are. You’ve arrived. Welcome.

Son of a Gun and Dichotomies – the two aural journeys experienced on the debut single by Planes of Satori – are complementary, suggesting a cohesive force already present in this young band, yet distinctive pieces.  Gun, with its propulsive percussion, sinuous bass line, and bee sting fuzz leads, evokes Abraxas-era Santana, dripping sweat and smoke in a vibrating ballroom.  Dichotomies sets the controls for destinations unknown. Not something that many, if any, bands effectively channel or reflect, this tune would be right at home in the set of the Alice Cooper Group circa 1968. Picture Levity Ball with reverbed-out, arpeggiated Mick Bolton riffs over top and you’re getting warmer.

Both tunes are unrelenting and punishing, yet delicate and beautiful. Now that you’ve arrived, where will you go?”

Including members of Golden Void and Parchman Farm, Voices and Cousins.



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