LECHEROUS GAZE – Bagagazo 7″ vinyl !!!

August 24, 2012

LECHEROUS GAZE – “Bagagazo” 7-inch vinyl OUT NOW!!!

Like the prow of a mighty ship cutting through a sea of turd, Lecherous Gaze carry on the legacy of bands like the MC5 and Black Flag to bring dangerously heavy rock back to the masses. These dudes are serious. Former and current members of bands such as: Annihilation Time, Witch, Saviours, and CharMan, with the combined experience points of over half a century of rocking, you knows these dudes aren’t some flash in the pan, pussy-shit fad band. This is the heavy shit, start saving for rehab, loser.

“If I was still in school, I’d skip the shit out of it to listen to Lecherous Gaze.”

“A mess of ripping punk guitars that will leave you cringing in fear.”

“If not apparent by now, Lecherous Gaze has successfully made the dangerous transition of singer replacement. Remaining the same band with a new twist, it appears nothing will stand in their way from kicking ass.”

6.00 € + shipping
Order here: http://whocanyoutrustrec.bigcartel.com/product/lecherous-gaze-bagagazo-7-vinyl


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