HOT LUNCH – Killer Smile 7″ OUT NOW !!!

July 14, 2012

HOT LUNCH – “Killer Smile” 7-inch vinyl OUT NOW!!!

Following the sudden implosion of Parchman Farm, singer Eric Shea knew that he had two options; start a Firefall tribute band named High On Firefall or build a heavy punk ‘n’ roll quartet by sandwiching members from his favorite San Francisco bands. Following his gut, he pursued the sandwich.

Shea assembled a quartet comprising guitarist Aaron Nudelman (Mensclub), drummer Rob Alper (SLA, The Sermon, The Fells) and bass player Charlie Karr (The Hostiliteens, Harold Ray Live In Concert). With vintage tube amps the size of refrigerators and Rob’s double-kick setup, these four men were soon channeling their love for Grand Funk Railroad, early Hawkwind, Lobby Loyde, Misfits, Crushed Butler, The Who, Blue Cheer, that very first Rush album, early 1980s skate punk, UFO, Ace Frehley, CCR, Chuck Berry, Gedo, Amon Düül II, Black Sabbath and Groundhogs. But the group also shared a lusty hunger for noontime meals served piping hot, which led them to one of the most clever, well thought-out and originally conceptualized monikers in the entire history of all music: Hot Lunch.

Now with a 45 single out on Germany’s Who Can You Trust? Records, Hot Lunch is getting ready to release their debut album on the same label in cassette and vinyl LP formats. Their new 45 single and full-length both come fresh off-the-grill from Tim Green’s Louder Studios. Recorded on two-inch tape and mastered by John Golden, the band has allowed Thrasher Magazine to exclusively leak a few songs on their latest “King Of The Road” video – but they’re keeping the rest (and best) of the album under wraps until its official 2012 release.

“A blast of 60’s acid rock seemingly unearthed after decades of rock ‘n’ roll mediocrity necessitated its rebirth”

“Already on top of best tracks of the year list”

“If it’s like anything that has graced our ears here today with Killer Smile, then the upcoming LP is sure to be a hell of a party.”

“This shit is old school…fucked up, rocking, righteous and old school…it feels good to be alive!!!”

“A glorious tangle of sixties style psych, eighties punk rock, hairy fuzzy proto-metal and seriously shredding guitar mastery”

* The first 100 copies include a free Killer Smile patch!

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