Does anybody really care about raw driving rock n roll anymore?

December 17, 2011

…that thought has never even crossed the minds of these long haired wielders of the riff.

DZJENGHIS KHAN – “Prehistoric Rock” Cassette OUT NOW !!!

In early 2006 the Bay Area power-trio played the Elbo Room in San Francisco and delivered a heavy set of late 60′s fuzzed-out hard rock in the finest Blue Cheer tradition. On this recording you’ll find the Khan in one of their first incarnations with Jesse Thompson on drums and vocals, Carson Binks on bass aswell as Mark Abboud on guitar.
Their latest full-length “Hey You!” (Motorwolf records) is already dating back to 2009, so you now get a cheap ticket back to their early days with tracks that sadly never made it onto one of their records due to the Khan’s several line-up changes. What you get here is a bass-driven, rumblin’ dose of vintage garage-punk and acid-rock with the purest approach you rarely get these days.
This is a raw and intense live document of a high-energy rock ‘n’ roll band!


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